Most frequent questions and answers

How much are your live tutor sesions?

1-hour private session:  $65

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

How does livestreaming work?

With one simple click on a link provided by us upon registration, you will be able to enter your virtual tutoring session.  Joining a Zoom Meeting Help Center

What device do I need to attend the sessions?

Your tutoring sessions can be taken on your PC, Mac, Android phone, iPhone, or tablet.  Once you are registered, you will receive an Email with a Zoom link, which, with one click, you enter the classroom.

Do I need to have taken a licensing course prior these sessions?

No.  However, our exam prep sessions work best for students who have already taken the necessary steps required to take their licensing exam. This course includes material that should be review for most examinees and is meant to strengthen your chances of success. 

Do you sell personal information?

No.  We never use any information from you for any reason except personal communication between you and us via your Email address you provide upon registration. 

Do these sessions cover both state and national materials?

Our sessions are designed to assist students in passing the national portion of their state’s Real Estate Licensing Exam.  

Do I have to have my webcam enabled?

Yes, for the benefit of face-to-face learning.  

What is the Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam?

The first step on your real estate journey is to earn a Real Estate Salesperson License.  Each state has their own version of the  exam, consisting of both national and state-specific topics.   Our exam prep tutoring sessions are designed to help you in achieving a passing score in the national portion of your state’s exam.  

What makes your "Exam Prep" offerings different?

There are many online exam prep options out there including videos and practice tests.  Our tutoring sessions are unique in that the real-time interaction made possible by live streaming platforms encourages students to participate, ask questions and engage with one another — all, from the comfort of their home.